Privacy Policy

    • General information.

      1. The operator of this website is NORDPOLTECH
      2. The website serves the functions of acquiring information about users and their behavior in the following ways:
        • By collecting logs of the web server of hosting operator, operating at
    • Server logs.

      1. The viewed resources are identified by URLs. In addition, the following may be recorded:
        • query arrival time
        • response sent time
        • name of client station – identification carried out by the HTTP protocol,
        • information on errors that occurred during the fulfillment of HTTP transaction,
        • the URL of the website previously visited by the user (referer link) – in the case where the the user was redirected to the website by a link,
        • user web browser information,
        • IP address information
        • The above data are not associated with specific people viewing the pages.
    • Data disclosure.

        1. The data are subject to disclosure to external entities solely within the legally permitted limits.
        2. Data allowing the identification of the natural person shall be made available solely with the consent of that person.
        3. The operator may be required to provide information collected by the Website to the authorized bodies based upon lawful requests to the extent resulting from the request
    • Cookie management – to provide and withdraw consent?